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Lance Lee, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Dr. Lance Lee is a relationship consultant and executive/life coach with over two decades of experience in helping individuals to their best personal and professional lives. He is President and Co-Founder of the Center for Relationship, and its parent organization, Strategy One Consulting.

Lance holds dual doctorates in Counseling and Consulting Psychology from Harvard University and in Management and Organizational Development from Columbia Pacific. He is a summa cum laude / Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, a Danforth and Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and former Harvard Larsen Scholar.

As a relationship consultant, Lance specializes in working with individuals and families, couples and parents of teens, helping to build bridges of understanding and deepened communication. He has a passion for the fostering of relationships which mirror authenticity and transparency, and which create high levels of affirmation, acceptance, and personal growth for the individuals involved. Lance is the co-author of a bestselling book on couple relationships (Man and Woman, Alone and Together), and is a frequently requested speaker and workshop leader on this topic.

As an executive/life coach, Lance specializes in the focal development of personal vision and individual excellence, performance enhancement, career and mid-life transitions counseling, and the accelerated attainment of executive, relational, and managerial competencies. He is often called in to facilitate executive teambuilding sessions, strategic planning, and conflict resolution between individuals and/or departments. Lance's corporate clients have included individuals and teams from the Fortune 500 and hi-tech firms such as Cisco, Yahoo, Oracle, Intel, IBM, and HP.

In addition to his work in coaching and consulting, Lance has served as a board member for several Silicon Valley start-ups. He is a former faculty member and distinguished program director for two graduate psychology training programs in California. He has served as a consultant on leadership and management issues for numerous churches, public and private schools, and non-profit organizations locally and nationally. He is also an ordained pastor and former seminary professor.

Lance has been awarded certifications as a coach through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, and as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. He is a member of the American Association for Training and Development, and the American Association for Counseling and Development, and is a Life Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association.

In his spare time, Lance loves spending time with friends and family; he is a triathlete and marathoner, and is pursuing a black belt in karate with his daughter, Destiny.

Lance can be contacted at his professional line (408) 486-9492, by cell phone (408) 221-9131, or online at Lance@CenterforRelationship.com.

Ronna Phifer-Ritchie, Ph.D.

Dr. Ronna Phifer-Ritchie has been a coach, consultant, professor, and public speaker/workshop leader during the past two decades of her career. She is currently Senior Associate and Senior Vice-President for Training and Development for the Center for Relationship.

Ronna holds a doctorate in counseling psychology from Northern California Graduate University, where she did considerable research on the intersection of post-modern spirituality and personality science, and holds a master's degree in marriage and family therapy from Azusa Pacific University. Ronna is a Fresno Pacific University magna cum laude graduate in psychology, awarded highest honors in the social sciences.

Because Ronna is a specialist in the professional application of the Enneagram, her colleagues have nicknamed her The Enneagal. She is the Owner and Executive Director of Enneagrowth (www.enneagrowth.com), and is a certified Riso/Hudson Enneagram Institute Teacher and Authorized Riso/Hudson Enneagram Workshop Presenter. She has a formidable passion for helping individuals broaden and optimize personality style as a developmental pathway to true spiritual progress. Ronna is a graduate of the Enneagram in Business Train-the-Trainers Program, and a 2007 ISA certification candidate in MBTI applications. She is an author and technical reviewer for several Enneagram publications, and is currently a journal article reviewer for the International Enneagram Association Professional Journal.

Ronna is the creator of the parent-teen relationship building series, Launch to Life: Creating and Executing Effective First-Car Contracts for Teens. This parenting development program helps parents and teens interact in wiser, more loving, more enjoyable ways by guiding families through the effective creation and operation of first-car contracts for their teenagers. The program enhances parent-teen relationships, moving them beyond troublesome patterns and outdated roles into quality connections worth cherishing, making room for everyone in the family to go forward in positive ways.

Ronna delights in cultivating relational resilience in organizations and groups that are facing interpersonal challenge and transition. She has completed advanced studies in group dynamics and professional mediation. Ronna served as a faculty professor for William Jessup University (formerly San Jose Christian College), and is a frequently requested workshop leader. She delivers dynamic keynote speeches, seminars, and trainings that use humor and experiential learning to accelerate personality style awareness and enhancement in members of teams and organizations, optimizing work group environments and maximizing work group production.

She is a professional member of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies and the International Enneagram Association. She is an ICF certified life coach through Coach for Life, and candidate for certification as a ICF Professional Coach.

In her spare time, Ronna is an amateur competitive ballroom dancer, godmother to one very special niece, and the wife of David Ritchie, a Bay Area musician.

Ronna can be contacted at her professional line (408) 398-7111, or online Ronna@CenterforRelationship.com.

Robert Nielsen, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Nielsen is a professional coach and corporate consultant with nearly two decades of experience in assisting individuals and organizations to their greatest success. He currently serves as a Senior Associate and Senior Vice-President, Corporate Division, for the Center for Relationship.

Bob holds a BA from San Diego State University in Speech Communications, an MA in Counseling from Santa Clara University, and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Northern California Graduate University.

Bob's career is a rich mix of investing in the lives of people within the non-profit and for profit sectors. Most recently, he has worked on the Executive Team of a start up called CriticalConnection, Inc that is developing the first-ever community based solution for delivering a comprehensive Medical Record in the office of every doctor in the country. His role on this team is to build the strategic implementation plan and support the delivery of this solution first throughout Texas, and then nationally.

Prior to this role, Bob held a Senior Management position at Silicon Storage Technology where he managed the Training and Organizational Development Department, providing classroom instruction, facilitation and personal coaching to managers at all levels of the company. He also had experience as a consultant with DACG, a global Training and Consulting Company where he specialized in developing Change Management services and is a Senior Partner in StrategyOne Consulting Group, an Executive Coaching and Consulting firm specializing in Management and Transition Coaching for Fortune 500 clients.

Bob's non-profit experience included roles as Director of Human Resources in a Social Service Agency, Director of Development and Resources, a Singles Pastor in a Christian Church, and over 10 years experience as a Field Representative, Trainer and Team Leader/ Manager for The Navigators, an international Christian organization.

Bob enjoys helping people move beyond obstacles to growth and development in their lives. He believes that the competency of building effective relationships is at the core of all effective organizations. He excels in entrepreneurial settings, establishing team based organizations and helping people function in their strengths within organizations.

His personal hobbies include flyfishing, music, writing and playing games. He is also a consultant/writer and board member for the Theodyssey Group, a start-up Christian ministry developing a discipleship curriculum targeting the X generation.

Bob is a professional member of the American Society for Training and Development, and a candidate for certification as a professional coach with the International Coach Federation.

Bob can be contacted at (408) 768-8634 or online at Bob@CenterforRelationship.com.

Kathlyn Anh Vo, PhD (Cd)

Kathlyn Anh Vo is a professional life coach, a Ph.D. candidate and psychologist-in-training at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (affiliated with Stanford University). She is an honors graduate from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and has held positions in the Department of Psychiatry at the Veterans Administration (VA) in Menlo Park CA, as well as positions in counseling with community health centers in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

Kathlyn has had over a decade of experience in helping individuals achieve their most important relational, personal and professional goals. Her own experiences include successful ventures in business and academia. She has conducted research under key faculty members at the University of California, and been involved in significant community outreach efforts to youth and young adults, not only in the San Francisco Bay Area, but in ventures spanning Asia, Europe and Africa.

Kathlyn has been recognized for her efforts in people helping and serving as a catalyst to individuals and teams of individuals in a range of community and organizational settings. Her work with individuals as a counselor and coach spans churches, schools, missionary outreaches, professional clinical and medical settings. She has extensive training in cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as approaches utilizing contemporary positive psychology.

As a professional coach, Kathlyn is often described those she helps as extremely intelligent, intuitive and empathic: She brings a high level of commitment to understanding individuals in the context of their lives, and is able to bring passion, focus, and hope to almost everyone who comes in contact with her professionally. Kathlyn has served as the inspiration to hundreds of individuals who have experienced her compassion, caring, and competent leadership in their lives.

Kathlyn is the recipient of many awards, including the University of California Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship, the Education Abroad Alumni Scholarship (to Rome, Italy), the UCSC Lifelong Learners’ Scholarship Awards, and the UCSC Miller Scholarship Award. In her spare time, she is an accomplished musician who has recorded her own CD’s, and her writing has served as the inspiration to many who are growing through crises, change, and personal discovery.

Kathlyn’s scholarship and research has involved projects in forensic psychology (e.g. the social psychology of criminal treatment and incarceration), cognitive psychology (e.g. the effects of sleep on memory), and the psychology of executive families (e.g. the impact of absent parents on the emotional adjustment of children). Kathlyn has a significant interest in the power of faith and values as internal motivators and strategic intervention in close relationships (dating, marriage).

Kathlyn may be reached by cell phone (408-888-6043), at her e-mail (KathlynVo@yahoo.com), or at the Center for Relationship (Kat@CenterforRelationship.com).

Mark Lauer

Co-founder/Executive Vice President
Individual Coach/Sales & Management Consultant

Mark is a founding partner with the Center for Relationship, Silicon Valley. He is a Life-direction Coach, Sales Coach, and Sales & Management Consultant with over twenty years of experience in helping individuals achieve their most desired goals and wishes for their lives and careers. Mark has extensive experience in helping individuals build effective relationships within organizations to clarify objectives, reduce obstacles and achieve goals. He has held leadership positions in corporations and industries in Silicon Valley where his skills have helped dozens of individuals to create powerful, successful partnerships and strategic alliances in sales, executive leadership, and organizational management. Mark founded his own international sales consulting firm, producing sales of more than $100 million for his clients in his first 3 years alone. He has also been VP of Sales and Business Development for Echoic Corporation, a local start-up manufacturer.

Mark has undergraduate and graduate degrees and post-graduate training in interpersonal communications, counseling psychology, theology and business, and has worked in a range of roles assisting individuals to develop their most fulfilling and meaningful personal and professional relationships, including management consultant, sales trainer, and ordained and volunteer pastoral ministry. In addition to one-to-one coaching, has co-founded Cornerstone Community Church and serves on the board of a non-profit corporation.

Mark is a frequently requested speaker, workshop leader, and consultant to businesses, churches, and non-profit corporations, and he is a member of the International Coach Federation. Mark has been married for 15 years, has one child (so far!) and loves skiing, golf and being with friends.

Mark can be contacted at (408) 888-4084, or online Mark@CenterforRelationship.com.

Keith Lindstrom, M.Div.

Keith Lindstrom is a life coach, relationship consultant, pastor and pastoral counselor with nearly 15 years of experience in assisting individuals to their best lives. He is a Senior Associate with the Center for Relationship.

Keith's passion to coach is an outgrowth of his stated life mission"to honor God in all that I do, and to help others discover the greatest life they can possibly live." One of his greatest joys comes from helping people discover the fullness of life that is possible for each individual. Keith views life coaching as a powerful platform to help others gain a vision for that life and move forward to attain it:"It has been an extraordinary joy to partner with hundreds of individuals, couples, and families over the years and see them move forward into a better life."

Keith holds that his most important experience comes from daily serving his wife Wendy and their two children, Sam and Hannah. The family's mission is to daily show God's grace, love, and peace to one another, and to the world. Since March, 2005 Keith has served as a Life Coach and Senior Associate with the Center for Relationship in Silicon Valley (Life and Relationship Coaching). For the past 15 years, Keith has been a pastor to groups of all ages in churches ranging from 400 – 1200 members; he currently serves as Associate Pastor at West Valley Presbyterian Church (Cupertino, CA).

Keith is a graduate of UCLA (B.A., Economics) and holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He recently graduated from the Foundations Course at the Institute for Life Coach Training (2005). His additional experience includes over 500 hours of pastoral counseling to people of all ages, 40 Days of Purpose Teacher and Trainer, and 5 years experience directing The Alpha Course. His spare time is spent playing with Wendy and the kids, running through the Santa Cruz mountains, reading, singing, cooking, and playing his new Fender Stratocaster.

Keith can be contacted at (408) 234-0428, or at Keith@CenterforRelationship.com.

Marlee LeDai

Award-winning author Marlee LeDai holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and has completed 120 hours of training with the ICF accredited NLP and Coaching Institute of California. She is a spiritual director trained by the Art of Sacred Living Center in Bend, Oregon, and serves on the executive board of Freedom in the Son International, a mentoring program among incarcerated women. Marlee teaches the spiritual voices of women at Writers.com and facilitated launch of the American Bible Society's ForMinistry.com, and the launch of Damarisproject.org that seeks to nurture faith in America's educated professional women. Her work has been awarded the C.S. Lewis Gold Medallion and published in 11 languages.

As a life coach and mentor on moving forward in life, Marlee engages her work with seasoned wisdom and a little spunk. Her expertise includes women's culture, midlife issues, spiritual culture, family and relationships, and elder care. She is the author of more than 25 commercially-published books and hundreds of articles, interviews and cover stories. As an editorial consultant and former editor of an award-winning nationally published magazine for women who has honed her skills with a journalistic twist, Marlee understands how the creative process facilitates new possibilities. She invites you to rewrite the script of your life, maximize your personal potential—and have fun doing it.

Do you want access to the power that is already within you? Marlee's mission is to help you innovate your own desired experience by shaping your life questions as keys to open doors. Her latest books exemplify her vision: Living Spaces, an ode to living with style and spirit regardless of financial status, and Go Girl, encouraging others to change and grow by embracing geographical adventure. When He Leaves, a book on her journey through and beyond divorce (written under a pseudonym) inspires others to not only survive, but thrive when the seas of relationship get rough.

A lifetime of perceptive observation, and a spirit of adventure contribute to Marlee's coaching style. Working in a variety of places abroad, she found herself inspired by friendships with people like Francis and Edith Schaeffer at L'Abri community in the Swiss Alps, the tenacious Christians behind the Iron Curtain, the zesty "Sabras" of Israel, and the poorest of the poor in Haiti's Cite Sole. "I love people and believe everyone deserves to see themselves as the hero of their own life," she says. Developing a niche coaching women has motivated her while raising three daughters on two continents. You'll find Marlee most often in the Pacific Northwest where she loves to hike, snowboard, fly fish—and tickle her two granddaughters.

Marlee can be contacted at (503) 873-8268, or online at Marlee@CenterforRelationship.com.

Esther Ludlow, M.A. (Cd.)

Esther Ludlow, M.A. (Cd.), is a life coach, entrepreneur/business coach, relationship counselor, and leadership development consultant with over 5 years of experience in helping others achieve their personal dreams. She is a Senior Associate and Senior Vice-President for Marketing with the Center for Relationship.

Esther believes that everyone, no matter their age, background, past history, or current situation, can lead a life of significance and fulfillment and enjoy great relationships. Through a discipline of goal setting and personal growth development she had helped others reach their highest goals in their personal lives.

Esther is a professional coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business leaders. She has designed and implemented a monthly leadership development program that is attended by ministry leaders, business owners, teachers and mentors among others. She has also coached individuals to identify strengths, set goals and achieve a higher level achievement in their personal and professional lives. As an extension of her leadership training she enjoys working with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and business owners to help them grow their businesses and stay motivated and on track with their goals.

Esther has also coached and mentored adolescents and at-risk teens. She has worked in various settings including schools, homeless shelters and group homes. She has spent time one-on-one with incarcerated teens and gang-involved youth and has taught at the San Jose Juvenile Hall. Her most rewarding work is helping teens to uncover their strengths and talents so that they can begin to make decisions that direct them toward new and more positive goals. Esther also enjoys working as a parenting coach to help teens connect better with their parents and build more fulfilling family relationships.

Esther has completed the majority of her graduate training for a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Psychology from Holy Names University.

Esther has completed the foundational training course for life coaching at the Institute for Life Coach Training and is working toward the Certified Life Coach credential.

Esther and her husband have two children and live in San Jose, California.

Esther can be contacted at (866) 282-6776, through her website, www.purposefullifecoaching.com or online at ELudlow@CenterforRelationship.com.

Charles Baker, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles Baker is an executive coach and organizational psychologist, specializing in individual assessment and professional development with Fortune 500 executives. He has nearly fifteen years of experience in working with executives in the finance, hi-tech and healthcare industries. Through a collaborative process, he helps individuals gain awareness of their capacity to excel and successfully achieve their highest goals.

Prior to beginning his graduate training in psychology, Dr. Baker worked for over a decade in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 corporation. Charles received a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M, a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of North Texas, and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Organizational Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. During his studies at the University of North Texas, he was the recipient of Texas Instruments’ Work Teams fellowship. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, he was a Ridgel Fellow, Robert S. Daniel Teaching Fellow, and he received the Donald K. Anderson Teaching Award. Following his graduate training, Charles taught at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology for 4 years where he was the founding director of the joint PhD/MBA program (a collaborative effort with the University of San Francisco).

Charles’ primary professional interests are in two areas. First, he specializes in using personnel tests to identify and match an executive’s strengths and areas of improvement with the optimal organizational fit. Second, in the leadership development arena, he coaches executives in the attainment of sophisticated problem solving skills, and optimization of their 360 leadership competencies. He assists many in avoiding career derailment, and facilitates others in their advancement from junior executive and senior management roles up through C-level positions in their corporation.

Charles is a member of the Society of Consulting Psychologists, the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and the California Psychological Association.

Charles can be contacted by phone at (408) 897-7327, or by email at cbaker@beadconsulting.com.

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