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What is the Center?

What We Do

The Center for Relationship is a multi-disciplinary professional team brought together to accomplish great things in the lives of its clients. From practical goals (e.g. achieving the next promotion or improving communication with a colleague or boss) to profound endeavors (e.g. beginning a new career or business, renewing a mid-life marriage), we’re here to help.

What We Offer

Through expert services in coaching, counseling, and consulting, the Center assists its clients in the crafting of incredibly successful lives and relationships**. We offer individualized and group services in-person, by telephone and video-conference, or by internet.

What Do We Stand For?

What We Believe

At the Center, we believe that every individual is born with promise, and endowed with potential for a lifetime of greatness and unique contribution.

We believe that each relationship is a gift, and that the success of all our relationships – with partners, family, friends, ourselves and God—is pivotal to whatever joy and growth we can experience in this life.

We believe that the intentional pursuit of best practice in all areas of life can lead to a lifetime of excellence and a journey of sustaining fulfillment.

We believe in helping individuals to their best—to the best relationships of their life, and the best life that they can lead.


**The Center offers its expert services as a means for life and relationship enhancement, personal growth and professional development. Team members serving at the Center are professionals who have been trained and equipped to assist individuals in reaching their next level of excellence and effectiveness, bringing focus and fulfillment to key areas of their life.

The Center is not providing professional services of a clinical, medical, legal, or financial nature. Individuals requiring assistance with remedial or therapeutic mental health issues, symptomatic illnesses or physical health should seek appropriate professional care. Individuals requiring legal or financial advice are encouraged to seek the help of professionals in these areas.

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